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What to Expect from Nabas Legal
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Nabas Legal is a multi-service boutique law firm serving businesses and individuals with legal and professional services in domestic and international matters. Recognised by its in-depth knowledge and experience in private and personal legal issues and commercial law management, Nabas Legal International Lawyers is a major service provider in the UK, parts of Europe and South America.

Founder Vitoria Nabas is a dual qualified lawyer allowed to practice both in Brazil and in the UK. The team at Nabas Legal is made up of an uniquely adapted management team of a select group of solicitors, lawyers and commercial specialist also dual qualified in professional aptitude and experience in Brazil, Colombia, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Spain, the United States and the United Kingdom. The ability to comprehend, manage and execute multi-jurisdictional transactions enable our clients to be clearly informed on the differences in business legal and trade management in sectors that may not have the same legal system and policy their respective local system.

As a multi-service firm, Nabas Legal is highly regarded in personal and business circles as a major provider of legal and professional services. With specialist advice the Nabas Legal team can bring interpretation and resolve to sensitive matters requiring privacy and expedience. We work with the client to tackle complex management issues whether in the workforce or in your ownership plan, and work collectively with you to best serve your interest.


Our Approach
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The Nabas Legal team needs to be flexible to provide expertise and prudence to our vast clientele. For this reason we are capable to make available traditional legal services yet still providing bespoke services where necessary and even a combination of both. With Nabas Legal you will get a high standard of international legal services and our specialist team works to ensure you that the best solution will be provided to you.

For business our services cover the formation, administration, and legal management of your commercial or non-profit organisation. As you are aware legal maintenance is vital to the management of your business. Our team will advise you on critical issues likely to affect your business and provide you with realistic solutions. Nabas Legal will review your objective in its entirety whether its new commercial property, expansion into a foreign market or due diligence on a proposed investment. We are able to view facets of regulatory policy in the United Kingdom and Europe to the civil law particulars of other global regions.

Services for private individuals are typically more traditional but require the same attention and prudence. The management of personal legal affairs are to say the least challenging. At Nabas Legal, our goal is to turn complex issues into results that lead to a resolution. Whether is a relocation and migration, the management of your estate, the purchase/sale of property, arrangement of contractual negotiations and agreements, Nabas Legal aims to serve your personal issues with professional expertise, deep sincerity, and our upmost commitment.

Areas of expertise:

  • International & Domestic Law

  • Commercial Litigation103854 Banner 4 300Px Flatedge

  • Employer Management

  • Intellectual Property

  • Regulatory Policy

  • Commercial & Residential Conveyance

  • Investment

  • Immigration

  • Contract preparation, review and negotiation

  • Employment Law challenges

  • Family Law situations, negotiations and agreements

  • Landlord & Tenant Contract review, negotiation and issues

  • Residential Conveyance, Purchase and Sale of properties,

  • Trustee, Wills & Estates


Global Strategy
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It is no secret that Latin America presents a wealth of Global opportunities to business and individuals. With a mature economy and sophisticated financial system, Brazil, among other countries, is actively growing and managing to control the effects of the current global economic climate. Global events such as the World Cup and the Olympics have drawn plenty of attention to the region but it is a unique region that requires expertise, knowledgeable support, and communication skills.

Nabas Legal’s business initiative aims to provide services to entrepreneurs and companies seeking a move into the Brazilian and Latin American markets. Several clients have expressed interest in Brazil. With our support and expertise we have added value to their projects and reduced the potential for financial and legal hardship. With our team of dual-qualified lawyers from Brazil, England, Portugal and Colombia, we provide an exceptional view of business in the region.

Our business is not only toward Latin America but also for business looking to expand into the UK and Europe. Nabas Legal is an obvious choice due to our recognition, understanding, and our team of dual qualified and bilingual professionals. We give your inward investment the opportunity to make well informed decisions and target the market with full legal support.


Brazilian Practice
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Brazil has developed significantly in the last few decades and is currently seen by the global market as an attractive country. Due to Brazil’s economic stability, the opportunities are broad and optimistic, spanning from a variety of areas such as oil and gas, infrastructure and agribusiness. Nabas Legal has been a major service provider and partner in the expansion both British and Brazilian businesses enter both markets. Our team of dual qualified and bi-lingual professionals play a crucial role in ensuring success within two unique challenging markets.

We are able to introduce you to Brazil's legal framework, provide guidance on the country's economic situation and with a team of bilingual lawyers, communicate effectively to you and to the parties you need to work with.

As the largest country in Central and South America its little surprise that Brazil’s economy is a topic of much discussion. Brazil is a country of vast land and as such has a very complex legislature creating a challenging entry for foreign investors. Yet Brazilian businesses face a similar obstacle when entering the UK where they face a common law legislature and a new language.

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